Make a digital eye for your business by availing CCTV monitoring services

Our CCTV monitoring services enable you to identify and rectify onsite security gaps. With our real-time video monitoring and intruder alerts in place, you are bound to sleep better at night. At LOOP OUTSOURCING, we understand the need for enterprises to be constantly vigilant and fully active. To address your security needs, we offer the best business remote CCTV monitoring services at the best prices.

Advantages of Hiring CCTV Monitoring Services in the UK

LOOPOUTSOURCING is a leading CCTV monitoring Company with security solutions for commercial and non-commercial assets. Our remote monitoring system enables your site to be monitored 24/7/365, ensuring onsite security and safety. Our team of professionals for video monitoring can provide real-time video surveillance, monitor threats, follow intruders, inform authorities, and sound alarms when necessary according to the situation. Reach out to Loop outsourcing today to discuss your specific security needs for your business or any other process.

We offer top-quality security camera online monitoring services to a global clientele. Our services include -

  • CCTV Monitoring Documentation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Video Monitoring

Hire CCTV Monitoring Services

At Loopoutsourcing, we offer a range of remote monitoring services to our clients. We provide the best surveillance services all over the world. We work with you to understand your requirement and produce tailored solutions to meet your requirements. We believe in total transparency and allow our clients to make informed business decisions.


Why Choose Us

Affordable CCTV Monitoring Services

Loop Outsourcing provides fully affordable prices to clients for security camera monitoring. We provide our clients with flexible pricing options according to their needs.

Professional and Experienced Team

We have an experienced team of experts trained to abide by the technical, ethical, and legal aspects of CCTV monitoring.

Loop Outsourcing Scalability

Our commercial CCTV monitoring services can be easily scaled up as per the customer's requirement within short notice or when required.

24/7/365 Live Monitoring

Our services are available 24/7/365 in Greater Manchester United Kingdom and all over the world and our dedicated project manager keeps you updated about timelines regularly in real-time.

CCTV Monitoring Documentation

The incidents captured on the CCTV cameras may be documented by our experts for future purposes if required. Loopoutsourcing CCTV monitoring system and experts ensure that various details can be added to any report if required. Our experts furnish you with details like the specific camera that was used, the area, the timestamp, and any other pertinent information gathered by the CCTV which will helpful for you.

Quality Assurance

Our monitoring team head presides over CCTV monitoring experts' activities and performance. They conduct periodic and unscheduled reviews to ensure that the performance level is efficient and optimally maintained.

Video Monitoring

The Loop Outsourcing team is fully trained to use the camera appropriately while complying with the technical, legal, and ethical parameters. Our experts monitor proceedings based on suspicious behavior and we respect the privacy of other people.